My name is Jessica Muehlau. Since I was very young, I was always interested in music. In the 80s to the early 90s I was a DJ for different clubs and events, mainly in the area of Electro, Hip-Hop and Techno music. During this time, I became friends with different producers of music and radio plays. Then a good friend gave me the opportunity to get in contact with WestBam Studio, and I was hired to work there.I was totally excited about the possibilities that were already offered to me in the area music production.


I developed a fever for music that would not let me go. DJ'ing was not enough for me anymore and I began to compose and produce music on my own. I started to arrange my first tracks. Admittedly, at the beginnings my tracks weren't the best. But years passed, and I began to produce enjoyable audible tracks. Then I began to build up my own home studio. During the 90s, I recorded music bands, played live in clubs, and edited the recordings appropriately. By the end of the 90s

I learned to play brasilian percussion instruments. In the year 2007, Fritz-Radio (a public youth radio station produced by Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg RBB) called for remixes of Deichkind's „Remmidemmi“.I applied this call and the music fever had me back! In June 2010,


 I gave a concert named "the electronic farm," with my artist name, and also released my album "Computer Control" in Berlin.In December 2010 I started producing different music video clips to my music.


From 2010 to 2011, I transformed my hobby to my profession and began further training as a Sound Designer in audiovisual technique at Datenklang® . In June 2011 I gave another "the electronic farm" concert in Drubo. I produced my first radio play called "Radio Futura" in February 2011. May 2012 I gave another concert in Drubo "the electronic farm." Starting in August 2012, I produced the album "machinery Muisic" as well as a corresponding video.
Now I produce gothic industrial dance music & dark electro under the name of Himiko, and I also present them as a live act on the radio, in clubs and other events.

I am currently studying recording and sound engineer at the "wave academy".






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